The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Aero Bar Pads

The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Aero Bar Pads

We all know just how beneficial a good set of aero bars can be on our bikes, and when you consider how much they save you from investing in a professional triathlon bike, those benefits seem even greater.

Aero bars can improve speeds, lower your wind resistance and reduce fatigue, but without the comfort factor added in they can be almost worthless.

Aero bar pads are a simple solution to the comfort problem that many people face when using aero bars, as even the more expensive and premium brands can’t seem to always get it right.

Finding the best aero bar pads is a matter of going through the reviews and seeing what made customers most pleased, so rather than making you do the hard work we’ve compiled the list for you.

Aero bar pads.

The most important things to consider when shopping for the best aero pads are the comfort they offer the rider and compatibility they’ll have for your bike. It’s all well and good to shop for something luxurious and supportive but if it doesn’t fit your bike and bars then there’s no reason to purchase it, otherwise, you’ll find yourself constantly adjusting and shifting while you ride.

Aero bars have so many benefits for cyclists and they’re a must-have for anyone who takes their riding seriously, so if you’re going to invest in a set you might as well go one further and ensure they’ re comfortable.

This is a comprehensive guide to choosing the right aero bar pads and what features to look for when shopping around, so you can walk away feeling confident in your decision and equipped with a bike that’s going to perform its best.

Our Picks For The Best Aero Bar Pads

When you’re searching for a bike part or accessory it is easy to get lost in the market, and that’s equally as true for aero bar pads. We’ve rounded up the top-selling aero bar pads to show you which ones are best, and declared only one the rightful winner.

Winner - Cee Gees Cushy Aerobar Pads

The main thing that you look for when buying aero bar pads is comfort, and that’s exactly what Cee Gees delivers with their Cushy Aerobar Pads. If you couldn’t tell by the name alone, you’ll be able to tell the instant you attach them to your bars and feel the dual density construction of foam that will keep you supported and comfortable.

If you had any questions about just how luxurious these were, there were actually some negative reviews from customers that found them a little too comfortable, so this is a pretty good indication of how they feel.

For those who want something more firm and rigid to so that they don’t relax too much during a ride, you’ll want to keep shopping around. However, if your goal is comfort then this certainly delivers.

Cee Gees Aerobar Pads Big Review


The benefits of the Cee Gees Cushy Aerobar Pads are evident as soon as you take them out for a ride. You’ll feel less road shock which means less fatigue, and they work well with most brands of aero bars so there’s no second-guessing about whether or not they’re going to fit.

The position that they help you ride in means there’s less fatigue on your shoulders also, which is a common problem for cyclists, so all around they will certainly improve your riding skills.

Cee Gees Cushy Aerobar Pads are super easy to care for as well, thanks to the removable lycra cover that can be thrown into the wash and ready for action again. By attaching with Velcro you get more adjustability for how they sit, and Cee Gees also offers replacement Velcro straps should you need them or want to be covered.

These are a little more expensive than other brands but the overall construction and quality of them makes it well worth the higher price tag. They’re ultra comfortable, will give your entire body support, and are compatible with a wide range of aero bar brands, so they tick all of the boxes that a cyclist has.

Runner Up – Vision Aero Bar Pads

Vision Aero Bar Replacement Pads are the affordable option for cyclists who don’t have a lot to spend but still want the extra protection that these products offer. They’re crafted from dual density foam which makes them super comfortable and gives you all the support you could need when you’re out on the road.

These bar pads are made specifically to suit Multi Deluxe armrest plates, however, there have been some customers who’ve had luck fitting them to other makes and models as well.  With a full Velcro coverage mount, it’s not too hard to adjust them to other sizes, but some users have commented on the Velcro being a little flimsy.

Vision Deluxe Thick Pads Review


If you do find that Velcro on yours isn’t up to scratch, it is possible to get a professional to replace it for a small cost. This plus the price of the pads will still bring you in at quite a low price so you’re not maxing out your budget too much if money is an issue.

However, to save the annoyance and time you might want to just splash for the more expensive brands so there’s no need to update the Velcro at all.

Vision Aero Bar Pads are completely covered and have a special nonslip coating which keeps you secure as you ride.

This is a nice little extra that you don’t find on many other brands and it can be particularly helpful if you find yourself stuck in the middle of a rain shower on your ride. The cover is a little tricky to remove if you want to wash it though, but it is possible to get it off when you need.

After just one ride with these, you’ll feel an instant improvement in your body as they reduce the shock from the road and put you in a more comfortable and ergonomic position. When used in conjunction with the right aero bars you’ll be able to take seconds off your personal best and be in good stead for any type of long distance ride.

Alternative – Profile Design F35 Pads

As one of the largest manufacturers of aero bars, it’s no surprise that Profile Design also make a large variety of bar pads as well. These Profile Design Aero Bars Replacement Pads are their F35 model which have been made to fit their F35 range of armrests, so be sure that it matches yours before you go ahead and purchase.

Some users have found they do just as well on other Profile Design bars, but it can be a risk if you buy without measuring first.

These aero pads are made with a moderate thickness measuring about 16mm thick so that they can provide you with adequate support and comfort for training and race conditions. Some users found that they were a little too on the thick side which ended up causing discomfort, but it all depends on your personal preferences as a cyclist and how you ride best.

The Profile Design F35 Pads are made from EVA foam and covered with a unique lycra cover that’s both antibacterial and antimicrobial.

You can easily remove the cover whenever you need to clean them which will help them to last for years to come on your bars, provided you follow the specific washing instructions that come with the pads.

Profile Design F35 Pads

One of the biggest selling points of these pads is the Velcro, and this seems to be an area where other brands fall short. Not only is the Velcro durable but Profile Design has even added some extra Velcro in the box should you want to attach it anywhere or else or have some spare for backup.

Profile Design definitely knows what they’re doing when it comes to bike parts and accessories, and they’ve proven that with their F35 Aero Bar Pads. Provided you have the right bars to go with these pads you’ll be happy with the results and will undoubtedly improve your personal best when you use them in conjunction with your Profile Design aero bars.

The Importance Of Replacement Pads For Aero Bars

If you’ve just spent over a hundred dollars on aero bars you might be wondering why it’s even necessary to get replacement pads for them, and there are actually quite a few reasons.

As these accessories are relatively cheap when compared to the bars themselves they’re really not much of an investment but they’re something that’s going to give you so many benefits in the long run.

  • Weather - These pads can get wet or destroyed in the rain and they’ll lose their grip and support, so it’s best to have yourself some back-ups ready just in case. This is especially true for those competing in triathlons who need to be prepared for all kinds of weather and conditions. 
  • Comfort - Even the most expensive styles of aero bars still seem to lack in the comfort department as all of their focus is on improving aerodynamics. These pads have been designed specifically to target that issue so they make sure they’re soft, thick and ultra-comfortable so you’ll never feel discomfort or fatigue when you’re riding. 
  • Back Up - When the worst happens and you take a fall on your bike, you usually make a quick check to see that all your equipment is in order. Unfortunately, these pads can be easy to break and get a lot of damage, so having a spare set on hand in your backpack can be a lifesaver when you’re racing in a competition or riding far away from home.
  • Increases the life of your bars - When you add these comfortable pads to your aero bars, you’ll be protecting them as well. Having a cover like this can extend the life of your bars as it protects them from wear, the weather, and general use over time.

An Essential Addition To Your Favorite Bike Accessory

We all give a lot of thought when buying aero pads for our bike without realizing just how important the pads are. Even if you spend hundreds of dollars on a quality pair of aero bars for your road bike you can still find that the pads are thin, uncomfortable and unsupportive, and this is especially true for the cheaper models.

Aero bar pads are just as important as the rest of the bars because this is where you’ll rest your arms and give yourself stability and support. You need a thick cushion in order to achieve this but one that has been ergonomically designed to give you flexibility at the same time.

Cee Gees Aerobar Pads On Bike Review

There are so many great accessories available for our bikes that make them powerful and faster than ever before, and over time we can save ourselves so much money from investing in a professional triathlon bike. Compared to other equipment, aero bar pads are so affordable and they will have such a dramatic impact that they can’t be ignored.

Whether you want to go with a cheaper brand or follow our top pick, the smallest bit of extra support is all you’ll need to improve your aero bars. With comfort, stability, and support, aero bar pads are a simple investment that can shave seconds off your personal best and put you ahead of the fierce competition.


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