The Buying Guide To The Best Aero Bars

The Buying Guide To The Best Aero Bars

The goal of any cycling enthusiast is to go faster than they ever have before, whether you’re trying to beat your own personal best or entering a triathlon. Although there are plenty of great triathlon ready and professional bikes around unless you’re on a professional athlete’s salary you probably can’t afford them.

Aero bars are the simple solution to this problem, allowing you to get low, go faster, and reduce your wind resistance all with one simple addition to your bike. Finding the best aero bars is no walk in the park, though, with literally hundreds of different makes and models out there to choose from which leave you wondering what are the best aero bars for a road bike?

Aero bars.

Whether you’re completely new to aerodynamic adjustments or have enjoyed the benefits of aero bars for years, you probably still need some help when it comes time to get yourself a new pair. With so many different specifications, features, compatibilities, pros and cons, the search alone can be exhausting enough to put you off completely.

We’re here to help you wade through the options and make your search a little easier so that you can get on with enjoying your favorite passion.

We’ve rounded up the very best aero bars in all categories including best carbon aero bars and best clip on aero bars so you can match your bike and needs as a cyclist to these varying but innovative designs, and compiled them all in simple aero bars reviews.

In addition to our recommendations for the best bars, we’ve also highlighted some of the must-have features to look for when choosing aero bars, and what things you can probably do without.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not you can gain anything from installing aero bars on your bike we’ve answered the question too with our list of benefits possible with these handy devices.

Best Clip-On Aero Bars

Just as you’d expect with a cycling accessory, there are so many variations available for aero bars to choose from. We’ve made the search a little easier by dividing these into their most popular groups and have products on offer that meet all price ranges and specifications, ultimately coming up with one of our top choices in each category for you to consider.

Cyclists love making adjustments to their bikes in order to make them faster, more comfortable or more agile, and even better when they can do these adjustments themselves. The clip-on aero bar style is one with easy installation for the home cyclist and usually comes with options for adjustments so you can get them to suit your needs exactly.

Winner: Profile Design T4+ Clip-On Aero Bars

If you’ve ever shopped around for aero bars before you’d be no stranger to the Profile Design brand, regarded as one of the best in the business. It should come as no surprise then that we’ve chosen their T4+ as our best clip on aero bars in the bunch, and ones that we’re certain you’ll enjoy.

Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, these brackets are durable enough to withstand a beating and will make you feel safe and secure as you reach maximum speeds. They’re some of the most adjustable bars on the market so ideal for people who have a very specific idea of what comfort means for them, and the ability to change it as they need.

T4+ Aluminum Front Review


With so many happy customers it’s hard to find a negative about these, other than the installation process being a little finicky for some. However, it’s a quick fix from your local bike store if you find you’re having problems, so expect to add a little more to the price if you need assistance in this department.

The clamp on these fits 26.0mm and 31.8mm bars with a weight of around 469 grams. Although it might sound like a bit extra to add to your bike you won’t feel a thing except for how much your aerodynamic profile improves while riding.

These bars will put you in the ideal position to reach top speeds and lower wind resistance, and at a much lower cost than investing in your own tri bike.

The best thing about the Profile Design T4+ Clip-On Aero Bars is their adjustability options, with armrests and brackets that can be moved to suit your desired position. This is a truly versatile aero bar that would suit such a wide range of riders, so you really can’t go wrong when you put your trust in Profile Design.

Runner-Up: Profile Design Air Stryke Bars

Another contender for the best clip on bars comes from Profile Design with their innovative Air Stryke design. The Air Stryke bar is also made from 6061-T6 aluminum which gives you all the strength and durability you need in a product like this, without bulking up your bike or weighing you down too much.

These are some of the more affordable aero bars you’ll find but with all of the quality that Profile Design is known for. The Air Stryke bars feature the unique feature of flip-up armrests which means you don’t always have to be in the tri position when riding, and there’s no need to install and disassemble every time you want to use them.

Airstryke Front Review


A few of the online reviews have stressed to people to really check the measurements of their bike carefully as there have been a few instances where it didn’t fit. These measure in with a clamp that fits 26.0mm and 31.8mm bars so they should be okay for most standard road bikes, however, you never can be too sure.

The installation of these couldn’t be simpler with so many people being able to achieve the job in 20 minutes or less. This means there’s no need to pay extra to have them installed so you’re saving more on these already cheap aero bars from Profile Design.

These bars have their own in-built flip-up function which has been smooth for the most part, but some reviews seem to have preferred something that stays in place more for stability.

If this isn’t a feature that matters to you, you might be better off investing in something that bolts in place, but for many others, the patented flip-up function that Profile Design included is what sold this product to them.

Alternative: Conquer Clip-On Aero Bars

Known as some of the best time trial aero bars around, the Conquer Clip-On Aero Bars are an affordable option that’s well within the reach of most cyclists. These bars are simple, come with an easy clip-on installation and will get you that low and narrow profile that increases your speed and lowers wind resistance while you ride, seemingly ticking all of the boxes.

Because these are so cheap when compared to the rest, you can expect a few minor design flaws or differences in quality. Some have found issues with screws while others found no issues at all, so assuming you get a kit that works with all the right pieces, there’s nothing stopping these bars from being some of the best.

Conquer Aero Bars Side View Review

source: conquere​

Conquer don’t exactly specialize in bike equipment, with only a few products in the range, but what they do make seems to impress cyclists. Thanks to the low costs these are a great entry level aero bar to try out and see if you like how they feel, and down the line, you’d be able to upgrade to something more serious if need be.

The arms rests have removable pads so you’re able to keep them clean and even replace them if you need to. Some people prefer to buy a specialized cushioned pad even when purchasing more expensive brands of aero bars just for the comfort they bring, so if you like the extra support it might be worth considering.

These are a basic style of aero bar with all the right features that you’d look for in a quality product, just at a fraction of a cost of the rest. To try our aero bars for yourself these are easy enough to afford for all riders and they’ll have amazing benefits for how you ride from here on out.

Best Carbon Aero Bars

Some cyclists are staunchly in favor of carbon fiber for everything to do with their bikes, whether it’s the frames, the bars or the accessories. Carbon offers a more lightweight feel than aluminum and can be more flexible to how you ride, so if you prefer this type of material then these are the best options for you.

Winner: Profile Design Carbon Stryke Aero Bars

The leader of aero bars again makes an appearance on the top recommendations list and this time with their popular Carbon Stryke Aero Bars. Profile Design has managed to succeed again and making one of the most beloved aero bars in the category with their full carbon fiber constructed bars that will instantly transform your road bike into something tri worthy.

The huge advantage of these Profile Design aero bars is how lightweight the carbon is, weighing around 496 grams and feeling as light as a feather when installed on your bike. With full carbon aero extensions, you’re able to have internal shift cable routing and be more flexible with how you ride, giving you a huge advantage over working with an aluminum one.

Carbon Stryke Profile Design No Foam Review


These bars fit 26.0mm and 31.8mm bars which makes them pretty versatile and a good fit for most road bikes. For the best results and to reduce the shaking which some people found with these bars it’s best to have them professionally installed, so consider paying for an expert to do it before you even try to tinker with them yourself.

As one of the most adaptable sets of aero bars on the market, you’ll be able to get them to your exact desired position. The length, width, and rotation can all be adjusted which means they’ll be just as you need them, giving you comfort and support to win the race or beat your own personal best.

One small problem is that there’s no flip-up arm bracket system attached, which for the price you might expect, so you’ll need to get these separately if you want the flip-up function.

This aside, everything about the Profile Design Carbon Stryke Aero Bars has been carefully designed to improve aerodynamics and give you a better profile, so if you’re after carbon bars only these are our top pick.

Runner-Up: Control Tech Carbon Aero Bar

Control Tech is a serious name in the bike gear game and they specialize in making carbon products, so it’s no wonder that they’ve made our list. These are premium quality aero bars for those with a little more cash to spend, but you’ll feel as soon as you hold them in your hands that they were well worth it.

Made from lightweight carbon with titanium bolts, there’s nothing that will destroy the Control Tech Carbon Aero Bar, so you don’t need to worry about taking it easy. For a serious aero bar to help you with long rides or exhausting triathlons you want to know you can rely on your equipment, and you won’ t give it a second thought with these aero bars on your bike.

The handle adjustment is 15mm with a clamp adjustment of 5mm so they could do with a little more flexibility. When you’re paying this much you’d expect more adjustments available, so be absolutely certain that they’re going to fit your bike and improve your aerodynamic profile before you purchase.

Control Tech Cockpit Carbon Aero Bars Size Review


These are some of the lightest aero bars on the market weighing in at just 300gms so you won’t even notice them attached to your bike. It’s best to have these professionally installed to ensure it’s been done right as there is no simple click-on like you’ll find with other makes and models.

One of the best things about these bars is that they follow the ITU regulations and are suitable for use in all kinds of triathlons, and this is a mark you won’t find with all products. If you’re looking for serious aero bars for serious competition, it’s hard to look past the Control Tech Carbon Aero Bar for your bike’s upgrade.

Alternative: RXL SL Carbon Aero Bars

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get yourself some carbon aero bars then these are the best choice. Coming in at around half the price of the other brands, but of somewhat lesser quality, the RXL SL Carbon Aero Bars will give you all the benefits you need from this amazingly lightweight material.

We don’t always have a fortune to spend on our bike gear and there’s no reason to get something poorly made because of it. The RXL SL Carbon Aero Bars are also made of carbon fiber, attach easily to your bike and will help to improve your aerodynamic profile, so none of the other fancy stuff should matter.

The only real issue with the quality of these is the pads that come with them, with most reviews stating that they couldn’t ride for more than an hour due to the discomfort. The best approach would be to replace the pads, but if you do that you can expect to spend a little more, bringing the price of this once cheap set of aero bars up a little higher than you thought.

RXL SL Aero Bars Side View Review

Another problem with the pads is that they can shift around a bit, but if you have them installed professionally at your local bike store this can be an easy fix. Again, this means you’ll pay a little extra but the overall cost should still be well below what you’d expect to pay for one of the more expensive brands of carbon bars.

RXL SL has succeeded in making the best entry level pair of aero bars for people who want nothing but carbon in their bike parts and at just a small portion of the cost. If you’re happy to skimp a little on quality and comfort, these can still improve your aerodynamics and give you the fastest speeds of your life.

Best Aluminum Aero Bars

Aluminium is a popular choice for many things we use, and it’s one of the most common materials used in the construction of bikes. Aluminum is durable and a little heavier than carbon, but that doesn’t mean any less quality. These are our top choices for the best aluminum aero bars and one winner that beats them all.

Winner: Profile Design T3+ Aero Bars

Taking out another crown for the best bars in the category, Profile Design Aero Bars have succeeded again in giving the everyday cyclist what they need.

When you don’t have the cash to upgrade to your very own tri bike then the next best thing surely has to be a set of Profile Design T3+ Aero Bars, featuring everything you need to increase speeds and lower wind resistance.

Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, you can be guaranteed absolute quality when you invest in these bars. Although they might weigh a little more than their carbon counterparts at 530 grams, there’s no denying they will help you achieve the smoothest and fastest ride of your life.

Profile Design T3+ Aluminum Front


With injection molded F-19 length and width, and fully adjustable armrests you’re able to contort these to suit you and your bike and give you the optimal riding profile. According to some of the reviews these aero bars have been known to rattle somewhat and put cyclists off the task at hand, so if you’re easily distracted then you might want to reconsider.

The clamp fits 26.0mm and 31.8mm bar so they’re fairly standard and most people shouldn’t have a problem fitting them. They’re easy enough to do for yourself at home but if you’re no confident then it shouldn’t take long for an expert to install for a small extra cost.

These bars prove that you don’t need carbon just to make a bike accessory worthwhile, with all of the right features to get you moving fast and sleek. The Profile Design T3+ Aero Bar is an affordable, mid-range style of aero bar and one that will last for years with the right care and maintenance, making it a worthy investment no matter your preference.

Runner-Up: Hotusi Aero Bars

If you’ve been hearing all about the benefits of aero bars and desperately want to try them for yourself but just don’t have the bank balance to make it happen, a product like the Hotusi Aero Bars are just the ones for you. These are by far the cheapest on the market but still worthy of considering, so there’s very little to risk by trying them out.

Hotusi isn’t necessarily a leader in the bike market but they have managed to tick all of the boxes for a good pair of aero bars, provided you’re happy to live without some of the usual frills. The construction features aluminum alloy, plastic, and sponge, and thanks to these affordable materials the makers have been able to save some costs and pass them onto the consumer.

Hotusi Bicycle TT Handlebar Aero Bars Full Size Review


With a handlebar clamp diameter of 0.9 – 1.4inches they’re pretty versatile, but be sure to measure up your bike first as there’s no warranty on these.

The multi adjustments available are a surprise when you consider the price, giving you the option to change the length, angle, and width of the bar as well as the armrest angle and placement. This means you’ll have a comfortable ride and be able to get in the best position to improve your aerodynamic profile.

The sponge cushion used on the armrests can be removed and cleaned, but it’s probably not as thick as you’d like for long distances. This can be easily replaced with one of the higher quality aero bar pads and even with an expensive brand, you’ll still find yourself spending a lot less than you’d expect on aero bars.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Aero Bars

Now that you know the must-have options for aero bars, we’re here to highlight exactly why you need them. If you’ve never used aero bars before you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, so here are the top three reasons why it’s essential to equip your bike with this innovative piece of gear.

  • Comfort - A high quality pair of aero bars mounted on your bike will seriously improve your comfort levels while riding. Most of these come with cushioned pads that allow you to rest and the position which your body takes using the bars is far more supportive. They can reduce vibrations and friction from the road while giving you a cushioned base to rest on.
  • Speed - The biggest benefit that aero bars have is increasing your speed and aerodynamics which it does by narrowing your profile and lowering your wind resistance. All of these things work together to give you the best aerodynamic profile similar to what you’d achieve with a professional triathlon bike but without the costs.
  • Efficiency - When using aero bars on your bike, you become more efficient while pedaling and are able to take yourself further with less energy. This means you can spend longer on your bike without feeling fatigued and it makes you a serious contender when racing in triathlons or other long distance rides.

What To Pay Attention To When Choosing Aero Bars

There’s no doubt that you’ll be intrigued and excited to get your first pair of aero bars after learning a little more about what they do, but just as with any piece of bike equipment or accessory you really need to understand what they’re offering.

Aero bars come with so many different features and there are some that will be better suited to your bike and you as a cyclist, so it’s best to be educated before you begin your search.


The two main types of aero bars are either clip on or bolt on styles. Clip-on bars are ideal for cyclists who want to handle the installation for themselves and be able to take the bars off as they need. ​

Bolt on bars are perfect for people who like to keep their bars on, with some also featuring a flip-up arm rest that lets you switch between the two riding profiles without removing anything at all.


There are two main materials used in aero bars, and most bike equipment actually, and that is aluminum and carbon. Carbon is often considered lighter and more flexible where aluminum is more durable and sturdy.

Aero bars.

Most people will want to match their equipment to your bike so if you’re unsure what is best it might be easiest to choose the same material that your frame is made from.


When you first chose your road bike you likely took into consideration the weight of the bike and how this would affect your riding performance, and you must do the same with aero bars or any other accessory that you add to your bicycle.

The weight of most aero bars starts at around 200 grams for carbon fiber and can go up to 550 grams and beyond for aluminum. Anything over this might not be as effective in helping you hit high speeds so be cautious of those that are too bulky.


It’s all well and good to have aero bars that improve your speed but if you’re feeling uncomfortable while riding this is going to slow you down. The arm pads are the biggest tell to whether aero bars are going to be comfortable, so if they’re thin or not supportive you have to have the option there to replace them with something better.

Type Of Activity

When purchasing your bars take a look at what activities they’re specifically made for or if they’re intended to be more of a broad set of bars. There are aero bars for triathlons, time trials or long distance, as well as other categories, so have in mind where you’ll be using them before you commit to something.

An Innovative Addition To Your Bike

For the rider who takes their passion seriously, is always trying to better themselves, or has dreams of competing in a triathlon, the ultimate goal is to get yourself the best bike. For most of us, though, that dream just isn’t possible due to these machines costing a few thousand dollars and more just to purchase.

The next best thing on any cyclist’s wishlist is a quality set of aero bars that can easily attach to your bike to deliver the exact same results. When you take your time to shop for the best aero bars to suit your needs, your aerodynamic profile, and the measurements and specifications of your bike, you’re guaranteed to achieve faster speeds and lower your wind resistance.

Some consider the best aero bars for road bike those that are easy to install and affordable where others favor things like weight and construction. Each rider is unique in their needs and so it’s tough to pinpoint just one style and manufacturer that can make everyone happy.

Aero bars on a bike.

Riding your bike can be even more enjoyable when you’re cycling at the maximum speeds possible, and any one of these amazing aero bars options can help you achieve it. Consider the unique needs of your bike and you as a rider before you begin your search, and you’ll be sure to come up with the very best solution to give you the most benefits on the road.

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