Vision Deluxe Thick Pads Review

Vision Deluxe Thick Pads Review

When shopping for parts and accessories for your bike, your main focus is usually something that will make you ride faster and stronger. For many, this means equipping their bike with a quality pair of aero bars that can improve their aerodynamics and reduce wind resistance, making them an all-around better cyclist.

Although there are plenty of great aero bars on the market, their main focus tends to be on improving aerodynamics with lightweight materials and innovative designs, all the while forgetting about the importance of comfort.

As many cyclists ride for long intervals, compete in triathlons, or just enjoying spending hours a day on their bike, overlooking something as important as comfort seems counterproductive to the efficiency of your riding goals.

Vision Deluxe Thick Pads Review


Wat the modern cyclist needs is a product that will aid in this comfort without taking anything away from your performance, and that product is a deluxe pad to fit over your standard aero bars. Vision has created the ideal choice for this, with two thick sized pads that can bring you comfort while you focus on the speed.

Rather than suffering from sore elbows or an uncomfortable journey, the simple investment in a pair of deluxe aerobar pads means that you’ll ride in absolute comfort so that all you have to focus on is the road ahead. With the addition of these pads, Vision has ensured that you’re comfortable and supported no matter how long you’re on the road for.

Vision Deluxe Thick Aerobar Pads

Vision makes a range of products that are intended to improve your life, whether it’s parts and accessories for your bike or deep cycle batteries. Their range is vast but they appeal to a broad market, and that’s what they are able to achieve with these pads.

The Vision Deluxe Thick Pads have been designed to fit on Vision aero bars, however, they’re compatible with so many other brands and models, too. With simple installation, these fit over your regular aero bars to give you a thick and deluxe support base for resting your arms and elbows on as you ride, including such features as:

  • ​Dual-density molded foam in the construction;
  • ​Non slip texture to keep you secure as you ride;
  • ​Fully covered pads with a Velcro mount;
  • Fits multi deluxe arm pads and some other brands;
  • 5 x 4 x 1.8 inches to suit a range of bars;

​​​​​These pads are ideal for anyone who’s tried to use aero bars before and had to give them up due to discomfort or the rider who might be suffering from an injury and need extra support. The added coverage makes most aero bars luxurious to use and means you can ride for hours with them and never notice any pain at all.

Applying these pads to your regular aero bars means you’ll feel no difference at all in the weight or bulk of your bike, but all of the difference in the world when it comes to comfort. These pads will add efficiency and ergonomics to how you ride, making you faster and more stable than ever before.

Pros And Cons Of The Vision Deluxe Thick Pads

There’s no denying that the comfort factor offered here is the biggest benefit of these pads, and you’ll feel instant satisfaction when you put them on and try them.

People are able to ride for hours with these pads in absolute luxury which means they can put their focus on riding and nothing else, ultimately improving their speeds even more and not suffering from aches and pains during and after their ride.

Vision Deluxe Thick Pads Review


Some of the online reviews made mention of the Velcro which sticks these onto your aero bars and that it could be a little more durable. As you’ll be expecting these to stay put on your bike while you ride, you want something that feels as though it’s not going to come loose, so perhaps Velcro wasn’t the best solution for this type of product.

These aerobar pads have been designed for the Vision Multi Deluxe bars, so if you want the best fit for them then you should use this brand. However, there are plenty of customers who have attached them to other makes and models without a problem, so don’t be deterred from trying them out if you own something different.

Where To Buy The Vision Deluxe Thick Pads

If you’re sick of riding around in discomfort, you can get yourself a pair of the Vision Deluxe Thick Pads from Amazon for a low price of under $20. For such a small investment you can completely change your riding experience, so it’s not something that should be looked over any longer.

Amazon also offers free postage for these pads which means no additional freight charges and no waiting in line at your local bike store. To get yourself free express shipping you’ll need to be a member of Amazon Prime which is certainly worth considering as you’ll get your items posted within 48 hours so you can use them right away.

Vision Deluxe Thick Pads One Review


There doesn’t appear to be any warranty offer on these, so you’ll need to be careful with them during use. If you find that the Velcro isn’t as great as you’d hoped, it might be easier to have this replaced which means you can enjoy the comfort and thickness of these deluxe pads for years to come.

The Verdict

If you find yourself disappointed by the comfort levels that most aero bars offer, investing in the Vision Deluxe Thick Pads will be the solution you’ve been waiting for. These simple pads slide over your bars and give you a luxurious place to rest, meaning you’re able to focus solely on your favorite passion.

There’s no denying that aero bars will improve your speeds and lower wind resistance, but if they’re doing so in an uncomfortable way it’s just going to distract you.

These pads have been designed to solve all of that and do so at an affordable price, so they tick all of the boxes for what the regular cyclist needs.  For the complete aerobar experience with comfort and style, get your Vision Deluxe Thick Pads today.

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