Conquer Aero Bars Review

Conquer Triathlon Aero Bars Review

Purchasing a bike can be an expensive thing, but when your favorite hobby is riding you usually stop at nothing to get yourself the best of the best. When it’s aerodynamic improvement you’re looking for, you might assume that you have to spend thousands of dollars for a professional triathlon bike in order to get it, but there’s actually a cheaper way.

Aero bars are a simple addition to your bike that can give you the aerodynamic thrill you’ve been looking for at a small portion of the price. If you’ve done the rounds and searched for a great pair of aero bars but just can’t seem to afford them, there might be an even better solution for you.

Conquer Aero Bars Side View Review


Conquer has created an extremely budget-friendly pair of aero bars with the added bonus of adjustability, so they address two of the common problems found when searching for this type of product. Their affordability compared to others means they’re ideal for anyone wanting to try out this unique technology and do so with comfort and support.

Conquer Clip-On Aero Bars are a simple and affordable way to update your bike that can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by spending elsewhere, and for the riding aficionado who craves the top speeds, you really don’t have anything to lose.

These bars are easy to install and have a huge impact on how you ride, so if you’re low on money but still want to update your bike, you shouldn’t look anywhere else.

Conquer Clip-On Aero bars

Conquer is a brand with many talents, and among their range of products, you’ll find affordable and efficient bike accessories that can be used in everyday life.

Their aero bars are some of the most budget-friendly on the market, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on the features or quality, as you’ll find many happy customers who’ve attached these to their bikes and been seriously impressed with the results.

Conquer Aero Bars Hand Rest Review


The Conquer Clip-On Aeroboars have been designed to improve your standard bike by lowering wind resistance and improving your aerodynamic performance. They achieve this thanks to their many features and specifications, proving that they know everything it takes to make a quality set of aero bars.

  • ​6061 aluminum bars in the construction;
  • ​Removable pads on the armrests to suit your comfort levels;
  • ​Easy clip-on installation and setup;
  • Multi adjustments available in rest and bar areas;
  • Fits on bars 31.8mm to 25.4mm with supplied sleeves;
  • Slots for internal cable routing;

​​​​​​You might think when looking at all of these features that this is a more expensive style of aerobar but it’s actually extremely cheap. Conquer make all of their products well within the reach of the average consumer and don’t leave out any of the important things that make them stand out from the rest.

Thanks to their affordability, these are a great set of starter aero bars for anyone who’s never tried out this type of accessory before, but they can be just as impressive for someone who’s used more expensive brands and not been satisfied.

The Good And The Bad Of The Conquer Clip-On Aero Bars

One of the best things about these aero bars is how easy they are to install, so even if you’ve never attempted to put a pair of aero bars on you won’t have a problem. Unlike other brands where most reviews claimed they had to hire a professional to install, these seem to be some of the easiest on the market which again can save you more money.

Conquer Aero Bars Side Review


A few people seemed to comment on the thickness of the arm pads, with a common complaint being that they weren’t comfortable enough. Some would like to see the option of different style of thickness to meet the unique needs of riders and an option to adjust them somewhat so they don’t shift when you ride.

The dual adjustments offered on these aero bars means there are almost infinite adjustments you can make, so every rider will be able to find the settings that work for them. The rest and bar both adjust with ease so you can put them at the perfect level for your bike and yourself, without the need for any complicated tools or processes.

Where To Buy Conquer Clip-On Aero Bars

For the best price on the Conquer Clip-On Aero bars and all of their products, it has to be through the global online marketplace, Amazon. Their current price for these bars is just under $35 which is exceptional value when you compare it to some others on the market.

Amazon has added another incentive to shopping with them because they’ll also ship the Conquer Clip-On Aero bars for free to your door. If you’re one of the lucky ones to be an Amazon Prime member you can also enjoy their free express shipping option which means your Conquer bars will arrive on your doorstep within just two days.

Conquer Aero Bars Front View Reviw


It doesn’t appear as though there’s a warranty period on these bars or even a returns policy, so you need to be cautious of this when purchasing. However, for the low cost this can kind of be expected, but if you want the added protection it might pay to go a little more expensive in the product.

The Verdict

If you’ve been waiting and hoping for a chance to get yourself a pair of aero bars but just couldn’t afford the premium brands, the Conquer Clip-On Aero bars are exactly what you’ve been searching for. These bars feel just as good as the more expensive brands and offer adjustability that you won’t find anywhere else.

For an entry-level pair of aero bars or something simple with just the right features you need to improve your bike’s performance, there’s no need to spend anything more. To get yourself the Conquer Clip-On Aero bars and change the way you ride for the better, click here to purchase.

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