Control Tech Cockpit Carbon Aero Bars Review

Control Tech Cockpit Carbon Aero Bars Review

For the cyclist who takes their riding more seriously than just a hobby, there’s nothing more important to you than the speeds you’re able to hit on your bike. Achieving the best aerodynamics possible is the goal for all serious riders, but it seems that you have to spend a fortune just to get the right gear to do it.

Triathlon and competition bikes are serious machines with the sole purpose of getting you the very best speeds and lowering your wind resistance, but with many of them costing a few thousand dollars at least it can put some people off from trying to enter serious riding competitions.

The aerobar is an innovative solution to this problem, offering an affordable way to improve your bike’s speeds and wind resistance so that you can be faster than ever.

Control Tech Cockpit Carbon Aero Bars Review


If you’re serious about entering triathlons and riding for races and competitions, you can’t just put your trust into any old pair of aero bars. The most important thing to look for is a bike that has the tick of approval from industry professionals, and that’s exactly what the Control Tech Clip-On Bar has to offer.

This bar is one of only a few select products to be approved by the International Triathlon Union and one that is recognized to seriously deliver on everything it promises. Everything about this set of bars is premium quality, from the materials used to the trusted name behind it, so it’s a great choice for the serious athlete who only wants the best.

Control Tech Clip-On Aero Bars

Since 1989, Control Tech has been producing some of the highest quality bike accessories and parts for ridings all over the world. Their products are made to the best standard and with all regulations in mind which makes them the perfect choice for those serious about riding.

With one of the only types of aero bars on the market currently to have the standards that meet the International Triathlon Union’s requirements, you can be certain you’re investing in something that’s of the best quality.

Control Tech Clip-On Aero bars are built tough and will keep you in the best possible position to achieve speed and lower your wind resistance, which is every cyclist’s dream.

If you’re truly serious about improving your ride, you’ll believe money is no object when it comes to your bike parts. The Control Tech Clip-On Aero bars are packed full of feautres that make them even more worthy of their higher price tag:

  • ​Simple installation with only four bolts to secure;
  • ​15mm clamp with 20mm of adjustment;
  • ​Full carbon construction for flexibility and lightweight feel;
  • Handle bolts made from durable titanium;
  • Arms connected in one piece for stability;
  • Central bridge to mount a heart rate monitor or computer;

​Control Tech has a long history of creating premium bike accessories and you won’t be surprised to feel just how durable and well made these bars are. One simple purchase of this and you’ll be able to transform your standard road bike into something worthy of competing in a triathlon.

What You Can Expect From The Control Tech Aero Bars

By far the most remarkable thing about these aero bars is their quality, with everything from the solid carbon material to the titanium bolts all working together to make it extremely durable while also being lightweight and flexible. This is the perfect blend of materials you want on a bike accessory and one that can add loads of value to your regular bicycle.

Control Tech Cockpit Carbon Aero Bars Size Review


Some of the reviews have stated that the way the armrests are set up makes them a little narrow and because they connect with one piece of carbon there’s not much room for adjustability. If this sounds like something that might impact your riding experience and you usually prefer a wider position with your arms, you’re better off shopping around.

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to install then this is a great choice, with a clip-on design and just four bolts that hold it all in together. Some might prefer to take it to a professional bike store for installation but there’s nothing stopping the average person from assembling themselves in no time at all.

Where To Buy Your Control Tech Clip-On Aero Bars

To get yourself the highest quality aero bars around, head to Amazon to check out their impressive range, including a great price for the Control Tech Clip-On Aero bars. Right now, you can expect to pay around $180 for this set of aero bars and with the added bonus of free shipping offered by Amazon, too.

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you’ll receive this within just two days free of charge thanks to their free express shipping bonus. This means you can be enjoying your Control Tech Aero bars within mere days when you shop online and bypass the freight charges and shopping lines altogether.

Control Tech Cockpit Carbon Aero Bars


One thing which this brand has over many others is their extended warranty period which covers the bars for two years from purchase. This means if there are any defects or problems within this time you can return them, giving you even better value for money than you might have thought.

The Verdict

For the cyclist who takes things very seriously, you can’t go past this carbon constructed aero bars from Control Tech. Considered to be some of the best in the world and meeting all the standards and regulations that riders want, these are certainly worth the higher price tag.

Control Tech has close to 30 years of experience making bicycle parts and accessories and it’s truly evident when you try out these clip-on aero bars for yourself. Transform your bike into something powerful and spectacular, and get the Control Tech Clip-On Aero bars today.

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