Profile Design Carbon Stryke Aero Bars Review

Profile Design Carbon Stryke Aero Bars Review

When you look at your bike as your absolute pride and joy and will stop at nothing to equip it with the best gear, you really only want premium accessories. If you’ve been shopping around for aero bars but aren’t interested in an aluminum frame, you probably find yourself frustrated trying to source something that’s worthy of your interest.

It’s well known among serious riders that carbon aero bars provide more flexibility that allows them to work to your personal profile and bike, making them a smart investment for anyone looking to build up speed and lower their wind resistance. Finding a quality set of carbon aero bars can be tough to do, though, with so many imitations and inferior styles available.

Carbon Stryke Profile Design Review


Profile Design has over two years of experience designing aero bars so it’s no surprise that they’re one of the leading brands of carbon constructed aero bars. Their complete carbon aero bars, the Carbon Stryke, is one of their most popular styles thanks to the flexibility this material lends and how much it improves your speed and stability.

Carbon is a preferred choice for bike accessories for many professional athletes and those involved in competition racing, so if you’ve been looking for a super aerobar to add to your bike without having to give it a complete upgrade, you’ll want to check out everything on offer in the Carbon Stryke by Profile Design.

These are a cheaper option than purchasing a whole new bike with carbon handlebars, and it will perform just as well.

Profile Design Carbon Strkye Aero Bars

For anyone in the know about bicycles and their accessories, you’ve likely already heard of the Profile Design name. This prolific company has been around for over 20 years creating the right products to bring your bike up to speed, with their aero bars being by far their biggest success.

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Most of the Profile Design aero bars are made from quality aluminum, but some riders prefer the carbon style which is why they stepped up to the plate to create something premium quality. With a full carbon construction on the extensions, you’re able to get the flexibility that you need to match your own aero profile and give you the best riding experience.

  • ​6061-T6 forged aluminum brackets;
  • ​Full carbon aero extensions for internal shift cable routing;
  • ​Rigid ZB arm bracket system keeps you in place;
  • play
    Adjustable armrests to suit your comfort levels and position;
  • play
    Compatible with flip-up ZB arm bracket system;

​These aero bars are for the cyclist who wants the very best and isn’t afraid to spend a little more just to get it. With premium construction and one of the most trusted names in biking gear behind it, you’ll never be disappointed when you put your trust in Profile Design.

These innovatively designed carbon aero bars are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before and give you the triathlon bike feel at a fraction of the cost.

Pros And Cons Of The Carbon Stryke Aero Bars

One instant thing you’ll notice with these aeroboars is just how lightweight they are which adds even further to their aerodynamic abilities.

Carbon is naturally a lighter material so if you’re looking for an adjustment to your bike that won’t feel bulky or bring you down, the Carbon Stryke bars from Profile Design are definitely worth considering.

The installation of these compared to others may take a little more work, but for many users, it’s well worth it. You might want to consider having them installed professionally at your local bike store otherwise they have a tendency to rattle if not completely tightened, so be wary of home installations.

Another slight issue people had was that there was no flip-up function for these handlebars so some found it a little annoying if they didn’t want to use their aero bars. A cheap purchase of a flip-up kit is no drama though, and because the product has been made to be compatible with these then you’ll have no problem attaching them.

Where To Buy The Profile Design Carbon Stryke Aero Bars

Rather than spending hours looking through bike stores just to find something quality, why not head online to get your Carbon Stryke bars at a much lower price. Amazon lists these for around the same as the other Profile Design bars at about $130 so you can get them for a far better deal than you’ll find elsewhere.

One thing that Amazon always offers that other stores can’t compete with is their free shipping, and this is where it pays to be an Amazon Prime member.

Carbon Stryke Profile Design Side Review


The lucky people who are part of this exclusive program will have their Carbon Stryke bars sent with express freight which means that within just two days you’ll be enjoying faster speeds and lower wind resistance than ever before.

If you do take notice of the online reviews and want to get yourself a flip-up kit that enables to you easily put the armrests up and down, there are a few affordable brands available through Amazon also. These bars are compatible with the ZB arm bracket system so be sure you’re shopping for the exact fit.

The Final Word

When you’re looking for the absolute best carbon aero bars and don’t want to settle for anything less, it has to be the amazing Carbon Stryke from Profile Design. Time and time again this brand has proven they know how to make the very best aero bars, and if you have the money to spend there should be no other way.

Carbon has always been considered a superior choice for handlebars, so rather than upgrading your entire bike why not invest in these aero bars and make the job easier and cheaper. 

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