Profile Design T4+ Aero Bars Review

Profile Design T4+ Clip-On Aerobars Review

If there’s nothing you like better than hitting the open ride with your bicycle, you’ll probably find yourself constantly yearning for higher speeds and a smoother riding experience. Rather than actually getting yourself a triathlon bike, though, you might be wondering how exactly you can get the aerodynamics you’ve been searching for.

Aero bars are a simple solution to this problem, allowing everyday riders to attach this set of aerodynamically designed bars to their road bikes and get themselves speeds and stability that you only find on a triathlon bike.

Although there are plenty of options out there, there are also those that come with limitations, with one of the biggest being the adjustability on offer.

Profile Design T4+ Aluminum Review


In order to get the best use out of your aero bars, you need a set that can adapt to you and your bicycles unique shape and needs. That’s why Profile Design has made their T4+ Clip-On Aero bars with plenty of adjustabilities to suit every individual cyclist.

Their unique design of a separate J2 bracket gives them some of the biggest versatility you’ll find from comparable sets on the market.

The Profile Design Clip-On Aero bars are an innovative way to adapt your bike into something worthy of a triathlon, and because they easily clip on it couldn’t be simple. With more adjustability than you’ll find on some other brands of aero bars, these are a great choice for the cyclist looking for more flexibility.

Profile Design Clip-On Aero Bars

When you’re shopping for a product like aero bars, you want to be sure you’re using a trustworthy brand that’s well known in the cycling industry. Profile Design creates nothing but top-rated bike accessories and equipment, so you know that their aero bars have been designed with absolute expertise.

The Profile Design T4+ Clip-On Aero bars use a simple clip-on attachment which means you have the flexibility to use them as you wish, without making any serious modifications to your bike. This bike has all the features that expert riders need in a pair of quality aero bars, including:

  • ​F-19 adjustable anatomic armrests;
  • ​Lightweight for your bike at just 469 grams;
  • ​6061-T6 aluminum forged brackets and shallow angle ski bend extensions
  • play
    Clamp size fits 26.0mm 31.8mm bars;
  • play
    Comfortable EVA foam pads with easy attachment straps;
  • play
    Independent J2 bracket for ultimate adjustability;

Profile Design is a brand trusted by those in the know and their range of aero bars are considered some of the best.

Whether you’re searching for your first set of aero bars or have been around the market and want to invest in something truly worthwhile.

​Profile Design makes it easy for riders of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Pad-F19-Adjust REview


Pros And Cons Of The Profile Design Aero Bars

The best thing about these bars is how comfortable your hands are on top, with a slightly different position to the other popular T3 which has a shaper position. The foam pads are nice and soft and your arms are able to rest in a more natural position while still giving you the aerodynamic bonus you look for in a set of good bars.

If you’re new to using bars like this then you’ll definitely be happy with your purchase, as there are plenty of reviews from first-time users who claimed just how easy set up was. Because they are clip-on there’s really nothing to the installation, so you can get your pair and be using them that very day.

Profile Design T4+ Aluminum Review


The only real issues some seem to have is with the returns policy, with a fee being charged even for refunds for the wrong size. For this reason, you need to be absolutely certain that they’re going to fit your specific bike and bars otherwise you might find yourself out of pocket.

As a silver lining to this potential issue with the returns policy, Profile Design has quite a thorough and available customer support system. Any issues you have with the bars can be dealt with almost immediately, and they can even help with things like your installation queries.

How To Get Your Pair Of Profile Design Aero Bars

Online shopping makes it easy to get yourself all your cycling gear these days, and that’s especially true for aero bars. Amazon has the Profile Design T4+ Clip-On Aero bars for just under $140 and with free shipping included, so it’s a lot cheaper than you’ll find in the store.

For those members of Amazon Prime, you’ll have your aero bars sent within just two days which means you can get on the road and enjoy them in no time at all.

T4+ Aluminum Review


If there are any issues with you aero bars, Profile Design has quite an extensive customer service team which can answer questions and handle returns. However, if you do find that you have to return your bars due to size complications, you might be liable to pay a restocking fee that can be a little annoying.

Some people might be looking for even further modifications they can make to their bike, and there are plenty on offer by Profile Design.

Some of their other products include E-packs, drinking systems, bar ends and maintenance kits, all made to improve the function and comfort of your bike.

The Verdict

Whether you’re completely new to the aerobar trend or have tried plenty before, you’ll be seriously impressed with the Profile Design T4+ Clip-On Aero bars. These handy aero bars couldn't be easier to install to your road bike and the instant aerodynamic benefit they give makes them well worth the money.

Profile Design is well known for creating some of the most effective bike accessories and their range of aero bars certainly doesn’t disappoint. To get yourself a set of their T4+ Clip-On Aero bars and feel the difference for yourself

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